Special construction

HB provides customized solutions: we build everything in the field of resistance welding, complete lines, tools, portals etc.

Below are five core values of HB when it comes to customized solutions:

  • HB takes responsibility for the overall project from design untill after-service.
  • We make the difference, by choosin to develop sustainable and high quality solutons, so you can make the difference.
  • HB MeltingTogether has knowledge of resistance welding, you have knowledge of your product. By listening carefully to each other, we will achieve our joint goals.
  • We keep simplicity where possible, but also provide excellent performance where needed.
  • The people who agree with you are the people who do the work, managing and implementing.

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H&B Puntlas bar boven
Nieuws Bericht Overhaul Automatic Drumwelder for Egypt
HB MeltingTogether has overhauled a drumwelder for a customer in Egypt. With real mastership we overhauled the parts.  read more..
H&B Puntlas bar boven
H&B Puntlas bar boven
Nieuws Bericht Invisible special welding machine
Go further, continue where others stop! After running various test, HB managed to make "invisible" welds..  read more..
H&B Puntlas bar boven

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